After many years of creating narratives through publishing and design projects I decided to expand my practice. Please visit my art and design portfolio pages to view a few examples of each.

My fine art practice focuses on storytelling through abstraction...

We come across stories regularly that make us laugh or cry, but some tie a string around our hearts and pull out familiar memories. My art recites those accounts and by using metaphors to express pain, joy, or both, the layers manifest traces of how family and other lived conditions frame our responses to what we encounter. These shared instances become woven into our lives and are communicated in my work’s visually tactile experience. Abstraction leaves a space for viewers to create their own interpretations, while my intended symbols of pain and joy exist as a reminder to hold onto hope and search for the possibility of repair.

Additive and subtractive marks trace gestures of movement, symbols of strength, and contradictions of the tenuous to reference specific occurrences which have yielded different results. Allowing this exchange of choices between myself and the work forces an indefinite state of progress, which leaves the ultimate results unknown until culmination.

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